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Aircraft registration deadline February 1Aircraft registration deadline February 1

Aircraft registration deadline February 1
Does the FAA have your current address?

FAA Aircraft Registry

Beginning February 1, the FAA will start cracking down on owners who fly an aircraft with "questionable registration." You could receive a notice from the FAA, be cited with a deviation, and possibly be denied access to the National Airspace System.

But it's simple enough to make sure you're "clean." Check your aircraft registration in the FAA's database and make sure the information is all current.

This crackdown is an effort by the FAA and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to increase national security by making sure that only properly registered aircraft are operating in the air traffic control system.

AOPA has worked to make sure that renters aren't caught up in an enforcement trap, and that no new regulations are imposed.

January 31, 2006

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