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Last chance to have your say on the ADIZLast chance to have your say on the ADIZ

Last chance to have your say on the ADIZ

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The Washington, D.C., ADIZ
with Flight Restricted Zone
(Illustration by John MacNeill)

The deadline is fast approaching. If you don't want the government to clamp down on your airspace the way it has around Baltimore and Washington, now is the time to file your comments against the proposal to make the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) a permanent impediment to air travel along the East Coast.

The deadline for comments is Monday, February 6. (See AOPA's Member Action Center: Operation ADIZ to learn more or file your comments.)

"As anyone who rationally considers the question recognizes, the security threat from small general aviation aircraft is minimal at best," wrote a 30-year private pilot from the Midwest. "Even most of the smaller motor vehicles traveling in and out of the area hourly, 24/7 pose a greater security risk, than a typical four-seat plane such as mine. The load-carrying capacity and the mass just are not substantial in a small GA plane, as compared to most vehicles on the street.... Establishing the ADIZ is not a good idea!"

Said an ATP-rated corporate pilot, also from the Midwest, "No general aviation aircraft has ever been involved in a terrorist attack, and you want to make a permanent flight restricted area around Washington, D.C.! You guys (and gals) better wake up before you vote our wonderful free enterprise system right out of business."

More than 20,210 of your fellow pilots have taken a few moments to write and to protect their airspace.

Remember, an ADIZ can happen any place, any time. When it does, pilots, businesses, and airports suffer.

Act now while you still have the opportunity.

January 31, 2006

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