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Boyer promotes AOPA Project Pilot at D-Jet rolloutBoyer promotes AOPA Project Pilot at D-Jet rollout

Boyer promotes AOPA Project Pilot at D-Jet rollout

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The D-Jet taxis out.

Speaking to more than 400 Diamond aircraft owners and other invited guests at DiamondFest 2006, held at Diamond Aircraft's Canada facilities in London, Ontario, AOPA President Phil Boyer praised the new company's innovation. Diamond used the occasion to roll out its new personal jet, the D-Jet - making it the first new manufacturer to offer a full line of aircraft from trainer to personal jet.

"Just as it's important to have new aircraft, it's critical to have new pilots," Boyer told the crowd. "That's why AOPA has relaunched our successful Project Pilot program."

AOPA's Project Pilot has a proven track record of exciting more people into starting flight training and helping them maintain that enthusiasm all the way to a private certificate.

Boyer said that, without the involvement of a Project Pilot mentor, nearly 50 percent of new student pilots drop out within the first year of training.

"All of us pilots can remember that there were tough points during our training," Boyer said. "Having an experienced pilot as a mentor can help you over those rough spots, help you keep your eye on the goal - becoming a pilot."

All AOPA members are encouraged to view the Project Pilot video, and then find just one person who'd like to be a pilot and encourage them to do it!

"The future of general aviation truly does rest on our shoulders. Without new pilots, we can't keep GA strong," Boyer said.

July 17, 2006

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