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FAA officials honored for 'vibrant, healthy' GA communityFAA officials honored for 'vibrant, healthy' GA community

FAA officials honored for 'vibrant, healthy' GA community

Poe, Boyer, and Blum

Too often, efforts to help general aviation go unrecognized. AOPA on Thursday honored Patrick N. Poe, FAA administrator for the Alaska region, and Carolyn Blum, FAA administrator for the southern region, with Presidential Citations.

AOPA President Phil Boyer recognized Poe for his commitment to a vibrant and healthy GA community in Alaska. "Your pursuit of common sense yet innovative safety improvements means general aviation operations in Alaska are safer than at any other point in history," reads the award. "Whether it's Capstone or weather cameras, your steadfast focus on working with industry resulted in changes that will continue to benefit the state for years to come."

Boyer presented the award to Blum for her 20 years of service at the FAA and 12 years in the southern region. "Your commitment to advancing general aviation, particularly your work in supporting general aviation airports, is important to the members of AOPA," reads the award.

July 20, 2006

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