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Shirley MOA expansion proposedShirley MOA expansion proposed

Shirley MOA expansion proposed

The military wants to expand and section the Shirley Military Operations Area (MOA) north of Little Rock, Arkansas. The proposal would extend the area about 30 miles to the west and raise the MOA's floor to 11,000 feet msl. That would impact aircraft flying at higher altitudes along Victor 71, a major north-south airway. AOPA will be supporting the raised floor but will suggest that the MOA airspace be aligned to keep V71 in one section. That would allow the military to release that section to allow IFR transitions along the airway. Comments on the proposal are due by August 6, and should be sent to Manager, Airspace Group, AJE-C13; Airspace Study 06-ASW-01-NR; Department of Transportation; Federal Aviation Administration; Fort Worth, TX 76193-0520.

July 21, 2006

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