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No threat to Hartford Brainard AirportNo threat to Hartford Brainard Airport

No threat to Hartford Brainard Airport

The threat to Hartford Brainard Airport appears to have been greatly exaggerated. Earlier this year there were press reports about a plan to redevelop land along the Connecticut River, including an improved trash-to-energy generating system. The project reportedly would have affected the airport. AOPA contacted city officials, including a personal visit between AOPA President Phil Boyer and Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez. The mayor affirmed that Brainard is important to the city and, in a recent letter to Boyer, said, "I believe that Brainard Airport should be a part of any future economic development planning for the South Meadows. Today, the airport serves a number of important business and recreational purposes. Looking to the future, an improved Brainard would be a terrific asset and possible catalyst for the growth of economic activity in this important business district."

June 9, 2006

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