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Fourth of July message from AOPA President Phil BoyerFourth of July message from AOPA President Phil Boyer

Fourth of July message from AOPA President Phil Boyer

AOPA Project Pilot

Happy 4th! I'm spending some of my holiday time in the air, and I hope you have the opportunity to fly as well.

I just recently returned from the IAOPA World Conference in Toronto, where I had the privilege to talk with fellow GA pilots from around the world. And that just reinforced for me that as pilots in the United States, we enjoy a freedom not found anywhere else. Only here can just about anyone with passion and determination learn to fly and obtain a pilot certificate.

Once you have that certificate, you can fly in most areas of this great country without government permission or intervention, using your aircraft to transport you and your family to the wonders of America.

So I ask you to reflect for a moment on that freedom, as you consider all the freedoms and responsibilities entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers.

And I ask you to take responsibility to help preserve our freedom of flight. It's simple to do. Share your passion for flight with someone who may want to become a pilot too. To keep general aviation strong and free, we need more pilots to join us.

Click here for a short video message from Erik Lindbergh and me on how easy - and how important - it is for you to mentor the next generation of GA pilots.


July 3, 2006

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