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GA leads way in improving aviation safety, Boyer saysGA leads way in improving aviation safety, Boyer says

GA leads way in improving aviation safety, Boyer says

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Nicholas Sabatini presents Phil Boyer
with a plaque following Boyer's speech at
the FAA International Safety Conference.

General aviation is at the forefront of efforts to improve aviation safety. That was the key message AOPA President Phil Boyer told aviation industry leaders from around the world on Friday at the third annual FAA International Safety Conference.

"From GA's participation in the FAA's real-world test of ADS-B [automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast] in Alaska's Capstone project to the rapid deployment of glass cockpits in the general aviation fleet, GA is taking great strides to promote and improve aviation safety," said Boyer. ADS-B is the system the FAA hopes to use as a replacement for surveillance radar.

Boyer demonstrated AOPA's commitment to advancing safety through the work of the Air Safety Foundation. He showed several of the foundation's free online safety courses, noting that they're free and accessible for any pilot in the world.

And he told the world delegates that, through the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA), AOPA works with pilots in more than 60 countries to improve safety around the world.

FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Nicholas Sabatini also noted AOPA's commitment to safety advances. He explained to the delegates that AOPA hosts an ADS-B ground station and that all of the association's aircraft have been equipped for ADS-B for a number of years.

November 3, 2006

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