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Dancing with the windDancing with the wind

Dancing with the wind
AOPA resources help keep you in step


It can work for or against you. It can mean the difference between a long, bumpy flight (and a sick sack or two for passengers) and a short, smooth trip. It's the wind, and it is something pilots must consider, calculate, and compensate for on almost every single flight and during every single stage of flight.

AOPA's recently updated Windy Flight Operations subject report contains articles from AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training divided into four categories: experience and judgment, takeoff techniques, cruise and wind correction angle, and crosswind landing techniques.

The latest additions to the subject report include four articles from AOPA Flight Training that cover lessons learned from a student pilot caught off guard by a wind gust, what information you can and cannot get from a windsock, a crosswind tutorial, and an in-depth discussion of different kinds of wind shear.

March 30, 2006

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