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AOPA opposes decommissioning essential VORsAOPA opposes decommissioning essential VORs

AOPA opposes decommissioning essential VORs

The FAA is seeking comments on the possible decommissioning of three VORs in Florida. "It is extremely rare that the FAA would propose simultaneously decommissioning so many VORs in such a small area; AOPA questions whether the FAA has considered the impact this will have," said Randy Kenagy, AOPA senior director of advanced technology. "How can the FAA require pilots using IFR-approved GPS to have a backup VOR if there are no VORs for them to use?" The Cypress VOR is the only source for ground-based instrument approaches into Naples Municipal. The Fort Lauderdale VOR/DME and Palm Beach Vortac both have multiple airways attached to them; pilots flying to and from the Bahamas use both to navigate to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International or Palm Beach International to clear U.S. Customs. AOPA encourages members to provide comments on Cypress before May 22, and Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach before May 24.

May 12, 2006

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