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Precipitation pitfallsPrecipitation pitfalls

Precipitation pitfalls
Air Safety Foundation releases new weather online course

Weather Wise: Thunderstorms & ATC

Current or forecast weather conditions often play a significant role in your go/no-go decision. But many accidents are still caused by pilots flying into poor weather conditions: 25 percent of general aviation's fatal weather accidents during 2004 were a result of pilots flying into convective activity, according to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation's Joseph T. Nall Report that was released in March.

So the Air Safety Foundation developed the new " Weather Wise: Thunderstorms and ATC" online course. The course includes re-creations of real accidents caused by pilots flying into precipitation and discusses the recent changes in ATC terminology used to describe precipitation.

The course also provides tips on how to communicate with ATC to ensure that you know what services are being provided because miscommunications can have grave consequences. But even when you are not talking to ATC, you can still gather weather information by listening to what ATC is telling other pilots. The foundation also has included examples of resources other than ATC that you can use to get the important weather information.

So don't wait. Take to the course today to find out how proper planning, current weather information, and correct communication with ATC can help you minimize your chances of being surprised by a powerful thunderstorm when you were expecting just a few showers.

April 11, 2006

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