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Silo talk: Instrument training and proficiencySilo talk: Instrument training and proficiency

Instrument training and proficiency

How about some changes to the Instrument Practical Test Standards (PTS) and instrument currency requirements?

Even though the FAA is phasing out nondirectional beacons (NDBs), instrument students can still be required to demonstrate the ability to fly the obsolete approaches during their practical test (checkride).

And even though a GPS-WAAS VNAV or LPV approach is flown just like an ILS, it doesn't "count" as a precision approach for either training or instrument currency.

"That doesn't make sense, particularly since we are transitioning our navigation system to satellite and will eventually eliminate most of the ground-based navaids," explained AOPA's Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Andy Cebula. And so the AOPA team pushed for changes in both the PTS and currency requirements with the people in Oklahoma City who can do something about it.

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Precision approaches

August 10, 2006

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