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Proposed Indiana MOA changes would hurt GAProposed Indiana MOA changes would hurt GA

The Air Force is proposing to expand the Hill Top Military Operations Area (MOA) in north-central Indiana, a move AOPA is opposing because it would restrict access to Victor airways and shrink the amount of airspace available for general aviation pilots. The proposal would stretch the MOA to the south, encompassing Lafayette and restricting Victor airways 24-128-399 and 51-97 that run out of Indianapolis. AOPA wants the southwestern corner of the proposed expansion to be changed in order to keep Victor airway 24-128-399 open. The floor of the Hill Top MOA would be lowered from 10,000 feet msl to 5,000 feet msl, which AOPA is also requesting be changed. Lowering the floor would negatively impact GA by cramming pilots into a smaller area of usable airspace. Part of the proposal also includes lowering the ceiling of the Twelve Mile West and East MOAs that join Hill Top's northern boundary. AOPA supports lowering those ceilings to 5,000 feet msl to allow GA to transit the area overtop the airspace. AOPA encourages pilots to submit comments by December 22 to: Manager, System Support Group, AJO-2C2, Airspace Study 06-ASW-03-NR, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Fort Worth, TX 76186-0520.

October 27, 2006

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