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Beware the red: TFRs are poppingBeware the red: TFRs are popping

Beware the red: TFRs are popping

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Check the red bar at the top of the home page. Or take a look at the red blotches splattered on the map to the left. Those are just a few of the presidential TFRs (temporary flight restrictions) that have popped up in the last 48 hours.

Between now and Election Day, you can expect a whole lot more to pop up, some with practically no advance notice. And you can expect that some TFRs will change after the first notams have been issued.

It's the rush to Election Day. And President Bush and Vice President Cheney are barnstorming the country, stumping for Republican candidates. With an election so close and stakes so high, they'll be traveling a lot.

Remember that a TFR for the president will have a radius of 30 nm, sometimes more. Inside that TFR will be at least one no-fly zone. To enter the outer portion of the TFR, you have to have a flight plan and be "squawking and talking."

So don't take chances; don't risk your certificate. Check notams immediately before you fly. Don't assume that the TFR you knew about an hour ago is still the same. It may have changed. There may be a new one.

And don't forget to vote November 7. ( Click here to read about some of the aviation-friendly candidates.)

October 28, 2006

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