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AOPA members appointed to Michigan Aeronautics CommissionAOPA members appointed to Michigan Aeronautics Commission

AOPA members appointed to Michigan Aeronautics Commission

General aviation will continue to have a strong voice at the state level in Michigan. Last week, AOPA members James Collins and Joyce Woods were elected chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission (MAC), which works with the state's Department of Transportation to supervise all aeronautics within the state. This comes just after the July decision by the Michigan Department of Transportation to abolish its Bureau of Multi-Modal Transportation Services and create the Bureau of Aeronautics and Freight Services, a move that will ensure that the development and safety needs of the state's airports are better met. In 2002, AOPA had opposed the creation of the multi-modal services bureau because GA would suffer. AOPA Great Lakes Regional Representative Bill Blake continued to educate state officials about the importance of having an aeronautics bureau with a dedicated staff of aviation experts.

September 22, 2006

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