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AOPA wants to keep pilots from getting icy receptions

AOPA wants to keep pilots from getting icy receptions

Aircraft Icing

After the outcry from AOPA and the general aviation industry about a June 2006 legal interpretation that changed the definition of known icing conditions, the FAA has issued a new letter of interpretation that removes a burdensome concept.

The interpretation that had caused outrage in the GA community added "high relative humidity" to the definition of known icing, which would have grounded most GA aircraft for the winter. AOPA had requested that the interpretation be rescinded. However, the association remains concerned that the FAA could pursue enforcement action against any pilot who encounters ice.

In its formal comments, AOPA said the actual encounter of ice should not be the sole factor in determining whether the pilot violated any regulations. AOPA asked that the FAA evaluate all information, including the pilot's preflight and in-flight actions and decisions.

May 4, 2007

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