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Army plans to increase helicopter training in AlaskaArmy plans to increase helicopter training in Alaska

Army plans to increase helicopter training in Alaska

The Army has announced that it is planning a significant increase in training activities in Alaska, with plans for as many as 62 medium- and heavy-lift helicopters, 30 combat scout helicopters, and 24 attack helicopters. While the Army says that it plans to use existing special-use airspace, AOPA's Alaska Regional Representative Tom George is watching to make sure nothing slips into the proposal that would negatively impact general aviation. AOPA encourages members to attend public meetings within the next two weeks to examine the nature and scope of the proposed training activities and submit comments on what the environmental impact statement should include. The comment deadline is May 4. Currently, the statement would cover the aircraft and facilities that could bring between 1,200 and 2,850 personnel to the state.

April 6, 2007

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