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Piper announces Matrix

Piper announces Matrix

Piper MatrixPiper Aircraft on Oct. 4 announced its new Matrix, an unpressurized version of its Malibu Mirage cabin-class six-seater. More than 100 orders have been taken for the Matrix, and deliveries will begin in November. Overseas orders add up to 20 additional aircraft. Price of the standard airplane is set at $757,000.

Apart from its lack of pressurization and its optional equipment, the Matrix is virtually the same as its Mirage predecessor. It is powered by a 350-hp Lycoming TIO-540 engine.

The Matrix will come with the Avidyne Entegra avionics suite and datalink weather from WSI Inflight. Options include flight into known icing (FIKI) certification, a premium avionics package featuring Avidyne's TAS 610 traffic advisory system, and Avidyne's TWX670 tactical weather detection system. The TWX670 is a real-time lightning detector with a range up to 25 nm. Training at SimCom is included in the base price.

With all the options — FIKI, TAS610, TWX670, speed brakes, and an international radio package (ADF and DME) — the Matrix will be priced at approximately $857,000.

Bob Kromer, Piper's vice president of sales, says that the Matrix's "sweet spot" is the altitude range from 8,000 to 17,500 feet. At 12,000 feet the Matrix will turn in 188 KTAS and have a range of 831 nm; at 17,500 feet, speed rises to 202 KTAS, and range (at long range cruise power) goes to 868 nm. When the fuel tanks are topped off at 120 gallons, the Matrix will have a 680-pound payload. Filled to 100 gallons, payload will be 800 pounds.

"It's a perfect step-up airplane for those who already have experienced flying in high-performance complex singles such as the Cirrus, Cessna 182 and 206, Columbia, and Beech Bonanza," said Kromer.

October 4, 2007

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