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FAA Notam 7/5087

7/5087 ZSE WA.. SPECIAL NOTICE TACOMA/FORT LEWIS, WA. MARCH 13-23, 2007 LOCAL. LOW ALTITUDE HIGH SPEED MILITARY TRAINING WILL BE CONDUCTED. EFFECTIVE 0703140135 UTC (1835 LOCAL 03/13/07) UNTIL 0703231200 UTC (0500 LOCAL 03/23/07). WITHIN 5 NM EITHER SIDE OF A LINE FROM TCM VORTAC TO 464911.28N/1222449.08W TO 464305.70N/1221031.56W TO 463302.10N/1221630.36W TO 462209.78N/1222749.68W TO 463242.60N/1225223.58W TO 463921.78N/1231045.78W TO 463321.54N/1233623.76W TO 463528.14N/1240709.30W TO 464944.82N/1240734.92W TO 465220.40N/1235309.30W TO 464307.62N/1234233.30W TO 464851.36N/1230804.62W TO 465436.18N/1223121.00W TO GRF, AT AND BELOW 3000 FEET AGL. AVOIDANCE IS ADVISED. CAROL DARBY PHONE 910-432-6005/910-503-8801 IS THE POINT OF CONTACT. SEATTLE (S46) TRACON, PHONE 206-214-4657, IS THE FAA COORDINATION FACILITY.

March 8, 2007

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