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Calif. officials warned: Pilot background checks illegalCalif. officials warned: Pilot background checks illegal

Calif. officials warned: Pilot background checks illegal

Pilot background checks implemented at the state level are unconstitutional. That's the message AOPA is delivering to California legislators. The association is using its recent court win against a background check law in New York to prevent attempts to implement a similar requirement in California. Earlier this year, California legislators had discussed a bill that would impose background checks on pilots. While the bill was being considered, AOPA explained that it and several flight schools were challenging a similar law adopted by New York in federal court. The California Public Safety Committee then rejected the bill to await the outcome of the lawsuit. To follow up with the committee, AOPA recently sent a letter, explaining the federal judge's decision and advising that any future state-level background check bill should be rejected.

August 24, 2007

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