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AOPA reaches out to industry to secure airports

AOPA reaches out to industry to secure airports

By AOPA ePublishing staff

When it comes to general aviation airport security, every pilot and airport tenant or business plays a role in spotting and reporting suspicious activity at the field. That’s why AOPA is sending its Airport Watch DVD, brochures, posters, and other information to various GA industry groups.

“AOPA’s Airport Watch is a central part of GA security that pilots across the country use to protect their airports,” said Andy Cebula, executive vice president of government affairs. “But we need everyone in the GA community to be vigilant.”

AOPA is calling on members of the Civil Air Patrol, Aircraft Electronics Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, and the National Air Transport Association to implement four important GA security measures highlighted in Airport Watch. Packets already have been mailed to CAP wings and AEA businesses.

  • Lock all aircraft on the ramp
  • Lock hangars and tiedowns
  • Escort all guests while on the ramp
  • Report suspicious activity to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at 866/GA-SECURE or criminal activity to emergency officials through 911

In addition to AOPA’s 414,000 members, by the end of January, 1,400 CAP units, 2,300 NATA and AEA businesses, and more than 900 EAA Chapters, should be increasing GA airport security through Airport Watch.

AOPA’s Airport Watch Program was developed in conjunction with the TSA almost four years ago. The program encourages voluntary participation and has served as an effective means to secure GA airports without burdensome regulations.

December 13, 2007

AOPA ePublishing staff
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