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Saving Witham Field: AOPA prepared for long haulSaving Witham Field: AOPA prepared for long haul

Saving Witham Field: AOPA prepared for long haul

The Martin County Commission voted last week to stop accepting federal money so that it could take control of Witham Field in Stuart, Florida, when the current Airport Improvement Program grant obligations expire in 20 years. Refusing the funds would allow the airport to deteriorate during that time. Airport Support Network volunteer Bill Frick had testified against that move during the meeting. But this decision is just the latest in a 10-year battle AOPA has had with officials on several issues at Witham Field, including noise complaints. And AOPA is prepared to go another 10 - or longer - to ensure the airport is never closed or placed in complete control of the county. "AOPA has contacted the FAA about the county's plans to let the grant obligations expire and the possibility of the county asking to be released from the requirements early," said AOPA Vice President of Airports Bill Dunn. "We will do whatever it takes to keep this airport open and accessible."

February 2, 2007

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