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Grass strip to give way to homes in ConnecticutGrass strip to give way to homes in Connecticut

Grass strip to give way to homes in Connecticut

It's always sad to lose an airport no matter how big or small it might have been. And it's doubly sad to see the land turn into a housing development. Such is the case for a privately owned, public-use grass strip along the Connecticut shoreline. After some 75 years of operation, the owner of Griswold Airport, MaryAnn Griswold, has decided to sell the 42-acre property to a New York housing development company. Airport manager and AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Loren Baker worked with local pilots for years to save it, but in the end it was the owner's decision. Because the airport hadn't received state or federal funds, it left few options. AOPA advises airport advocates to get involved as early as possible in the process so that any alternatives can be explored. Find out if your local airport is threatened and download AOPA's helpful white paper on protecting privately owned, public-use airports.

January 5, 2007

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