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The coming battle: How to pay for the FAA

The coming battle: How to pay for the FAA

FAA Funding Debate

"There is no bigger issue facing general aviation today. Our future is hostage to the FAA funding decision," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "If we choose user fees or radical new taxes, America's unique personal aircraft transportation system will die."

Because this issue is so important to GA pilots and the general public, AOPA has launched a new Web page to explain the FAA funding debate and the threat of user fees.

"This page is an effective primer for any member wanting to understand how the FAA funding issue affects them," said Jeff Myers, AOPA executive vice president of communications. "We explore the arguments for change and objectively demonstrate why our current tax system is the best choice."

The Web page includes short videos to help explain the issue. It will be regularly updated as the FAA funding debate progresses through the legislative process.

January 25, 2007

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