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Alaska MOA proposal would shut down vital IFR airwayAlaska MOA proposal would shut down vital IFR airway

Alaska MOA proposal would shut down vital IFR airway

AOPA is opposing a plan for a temporary military operations area (MOA) that would effectively shut down the only IFR airway (V444) between Canada and northern Alaska. The alternative route is a "detour" of 390-plus nautical miles with a 10,000-foot minimum en route altitude (MEA), which involves two crossings of the Alaska Range. It also would eliminate IFR operations into Allen Army Airfield, serving the Delta/Fort Greely area. While the Air Force only plans daily exercises for two 2.5-hour blocks during the 10-day exercise period, without real-time coordination AOPA doesn't understand how air traffic control would manage the airspace. AOPA is telling the government that access issues need to be addressed and commitments made for real-time coordination before supporting this request. Your comments are due no later than January 29. Send comments to: FAA, Attn: Alaska Flight Service Information Office, AAL-530, 222 West 7th Avenue, #14, Anchorage, AK 99513-7687; e-mail [email protected]. Download AOPA's comments.

January 26, 2007

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