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Don't grant release of Delano property, AOPA saysDon't grant release of Delano property, AOPA says

Don't grant release of Delano property, AOPA says

The city of Delano, California, has requested that the FAA release 16 acres of airport property to be used for nonaviation-related purposes. The city wants to relocate a tractor supply business to eight acres on the west side of Delano Municipal Airport and use another eight acres for business development. AOPA has urged the FAA to deny that request. "Once released, the parcels will be lost to future aviation demands," wrote AOPA Vice President of Airports Bill Dunn in a letter to the FAA's Western-Pacific Region Airports Division. "It would be much better to ensure those properties are available for future needs than for the city to be myopic and only see short-term gains at the expense of the airport." AOPA pointed out that vacant property to the east of the airport is currently undeveloped and would be more suitable.

July 6, 2007

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