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TSA grants flight schools 3-month window for security awareness training

Flight training providers and flight instructors have more time to complete recurrent security awareness training. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued an exemption on June 8, allowing flight school employees and instructors to take the recurrent training up to one month before or one month after their annual renewal month.

The TSA granted the three-month window because flight training providers and flight schools commented that the one-month time frame for recurrent training was too restrictive. AOPA continues to advocate with the TSA that a better approach would be to require the security training every two years instead of annually to coincide with the renewal of flight instructor certificates.

This move will give flight schools a better opportunity to offer the training to multiple employees at once, instead of a few during each person's month of annual recurrent training.

The TSA expects that the window will allow flight schools to simplify their record keeping of training completion and lower costs associated with the recurrent training.

June 21, 2007

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