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Project Pilot team enjoys the bird's-eye view

It's the geologic features they get to see from inside their Mooney 231 that keep both AOPA Project Pilot Mentor Charles "Chaz" Duc and student Aileen Duc flying.

This husband-and-wife team of 29 years caught the flying bug as graduate students in the University of South Carolina's flying club. Coming off a 27-year hiatus, Aileen realized with support from her husband and instructor Richard Klein that she could go all the way. Soloing in March was one of the most "exhilarating and liberating accomplishments" in her life.

"We look forward to many years of flying over interesting geologic terrain together, hopefully soon sharing the left seat as we go," said Chaz.

It's never too late to help someone turn their lifelong dream into reality through AOPA Project Pilot.

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