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New Jersey airports could be taken off 'endangered' listNew Jersey airports could be taken off 'endangered' list

New Jersey airports could be taken off 'endangered' list

Pressures from residential development have slashed the number of New Jersey airports by almost half since 1950, when there were 82. Today, only 48 exist. But Senate Bill 1975 could help protect the state's airports and remove them from the "endangered" list. AOPA is supporting an amended version of the bill that would prohibit local governments from using eminent domain to condemn private property - including privately owned airports. The state already is taking measures to protect its privately owned, public-use airports through its airport development rights purchase program. "Ensuring that airports and protected areas around them are safe from condemnation by local governments is an essential element of affording that protection," AOPA wrote to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee to request support for the bill.

March 2, 2007

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