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Texas senators turn to AOPA for GA security updateTexas senators turn to AOPA for GA security update

Texas senators turn to AOPA for GA security update

An unflattering news story regarding general aviation airport security that hit the airwaves in Houston a few weeks ago has sparked questions about GA security. Sen. John Carona, chairman of the Texas Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, invited AOPA to testify before the committee this week. AOPA Director of Security and Regulatory Policy Rob Hackman informed the committee of numerous government reports that state GA poses a minimal threat to security. He also discussed several national initiatives, including the Transportation Security Administration's threat-based approach to GA security, and pilot screening and flight training background checks. During the hearing, Sen. Carona commended AOPA's efforts to enhance GA security. While in Texas, Hackman and Shelly Lesikar deZevallos, AOPA's Southwest regional representative, met with Houston-area airport managers and AOPA Airport Support Network volunteers. "It's important that elected officials understand that the government and the GA community have taken steps to enhance GA security," Hackman said. "However, these steps must be grounded in reasonable solutions."

March 9, 2007

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