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What's a Project Pilot Mentor?

What's a Project Pilot Mentor?

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Are you wondering if you've got what it takes to become an AOPA Project Pilot Mentor? Any pilot can be one. A Mentor is simply a friend and encourager - not a flight instructor.

You and the student pilot you are mentoring can define the amount of time you'll spend and what your role will be. For example, Mentor Ken Moseley ensures that he does not cross the line between mentoring and instructing. "My [Project Pilot] student Paul is my son, but I've been careful not to interfere with his instructor," Moseley wrote to AOPA.

Moseley watched proudly recently as his son completed his first solo in a Citabria.

"I told him this day would be one he would remember forever, that although the mechanical act of flying the pattern seems so simple that he would, with time, recognize that it would be one of the significant milestones in his life," Moseley said.

Friend and encourager - that's what Moseley is (well, and father), and that's exactly what you can be as a student pilot's Mentor. By doing so, you will triple his or her chances of becoming a pilot.

March 16, 2007

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