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Military proposes to change MOAs in Maine

Military proposes to change MOAs in Maine

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AOPA is concerned about changes to military operations areas (MOAs) in western Maine that could impact general aviation.

The Air National Guard is proposing to modify the existing Condor 1 and 2 MOAs by combining the footprint of each into one large Condor High MOA from 7,000 to 18,000 feet msl. There would also be a low-altitude Condor Low from 500 feet agl to 6,999 feet msl, underlying the other MOA.

This would impact five airports directly under the MOAs as well as 25 airports in the vicinity. Besides the airports, AOPA is concerned about the effects on cross-border operations, VFR traffic along Victor 104, and east-west operations between Upstate New York and Bangor, Maine.

In its formal comments, AOPA will offer solutions that should help mitigate the concerns and possibly allow the military to carry out its mission as planned. Send comments by May 3 to: Federal Aviation Administration, Attn: AJO2-E2B.9, P.O. Box 20636, Atlanta, GA 30320.

March 20, 2007

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