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New York pilots defeat proposed age minimum for flying

New York pilots defeat proposed age minimum for flying

After AOPA ePilot alerted New York pilots to a proposed age minimum for operating aircraft in the state, they made their ire known to state representatives. And the legislators have listened.

During New York Aviation Day on March 13, AOPA learned that Assembly Bill 3424 has been removed from consideration. The bill would have prohibited anyone under the age of 17 from operating an aircraft or applying for a pilot certificate in New York.

"Vocal New York pilots were the key to preventing this requirement," said AOPA Vice President of Regional Affairs Greg Pecoraro. "Legislators specifically told me that they were pulling the bill because they had heard from pilots who opposed it."

Pecoraro and Craig Dotlo, AOPA's Northeast regional representative, also began discussions with legislators aimed at repealing the student pilot background check law.

The association is currently suing the state, challenging the constitutionality of the state law.

March 20, 2007

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