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Senate committee narrowly keeps user fees

Senate committee narrowly keeps user fees
But AOPA says fight has just begun

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  Nelson-Sununu Amendment Vote  
State Name Against User Fees For User Fees  
Alaska Ted Stevens (R)   X Listen to Senator Stevens' comments
Arizona John McCain (R)   X  
Arkansas Mark Pryor (D) X    
California Barbara Boxer (D)   X  
Delaware Tom Carper (D) X    
Florida Bill Nelson (D) X   Listen to Senator Nelson's comments
Hawaii Daniel K. Inouye (D)   X Listen to Senator Inouye's comments
Louisiana David Vitter (R) X    
Maine Olympia J. Snowe (R) X    
Massachusetts John F. Kerry (D)   X  
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar (D)   X Listen to Senator Klobuchar's comments
Mississippi Trent Lott (R)   X Listen to Senator Lott's comments
Missouri Claire C. McCaskill (D)   X  
Nevada John Ensign (R) X    
New Hampshire John E. Sununu (R) X   Listen to Senator Sununu's comments
New Jersey Frank R. Lautenberg (D)   X  
North Dakota Byron L. Dorgan (D) X   Listen to Senator Dorgan's comments
Oregon Gordon Smith (R) X    
South Carolina Jim DeMint (R) X    
South Dakota John Thune (R)   X  
Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) X    
West Virginia John D. "Jay" Rockefeller (D)   X Listen to Senator Rockefeller's comments
Washington Maria Cantwell (D)   X Listen to Senator Cantwell's comments

Listen to the full session on user fees.

May 16, 2007

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