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More time needed to comment on ADS-B proposal

More time needed to comment on ADS-B proposal

By AOPA ePublishing staff

AOPA wants to make sure the FAA doesn't make hasty decisions as it moves forward on its plan to shift to a satellite-based navigation and air traffic control system.

The association is asking for a 60-day comment period extension—beyond the Jan. 3 deadline—so that the general aviation industry has ample time to respond to the FAA's proposal for ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast). AOPA said that there are hundreds of pages of documents and supporting materials that raises some serious questions and members need to learn about the costs and benefits.

The FAA estimates that aircraft owners will invest between $1.27 billion and $7.46 billion in avionics equipment. ADS-B may improve safety and improve ATC services at GA airports, but Congress is already skeptical about the FAA's ability to keep tabs on the new ADS-B contractor. Members of the House aviation subcommittee raised questions at a hearing last month.

On August 30, the FAA awarded a contract to ITT Corp. to build and operate the ADS-B ground infrastructure and supply aircraft position data to the FAA. One month later, the FAA issued the proposed rules that would require all aircraft to add ADS-B equipment by 2020 to be able to fly within Class B and C airspace and above 10,000 feet.

November 1, 2007

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