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Increased fighter jet activity at Burlington airportIncreased fighter jet activity at Burlington airport

Increased fighter jet activity at Burlington airport

Pilots flying into Vermont's Burlington International Airport at night should be cautious. The FAA has issued an advisory notam to warn pilots that jet fighter aircraft could be practicing alert scrambles at the airport between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Because the control tower is closed during that time, the FAA urges pilots who are flying VFR and plan to land at the airport during those times to report flight location and intentions to Boston Center (120.35 MHz) or the Burlington CTAF (118.3 MHz). Pilots should state their intentions at least 15 minutes prior to landing at the airport. Active alert scrambles will be announced on 121.5 MHz and the airport's CTAF. During these scrambles, the FAA recommends that VFR traffic remain clear of the airport's traffic pattern and contact Boston Center for advisories. The agency will send information to nearby airport managers, FAA safety counselors, and fixed-base operators to distribute to pilots. AOPA has requested that the FAA expand its outreach program by sending letters to airmen.

November 30, 2007

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