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Fossett still missing, AOPA helps media report story

As of September 6, aviation adventurer Steve Fossett remained missing after taking off on Labor Day in a Super Decathlon from a private strip in Nevada.

According to press reports, Fossett was in search of possible test sites suitable for use to break the world land-speed record. Since Fossett was reported overdue, AOPA has been helping reporters covering the story by explaining visual flight rules and when a flight plan is and is not required. (Fossett did not file a flight plan.)

Fossett has set records in various aircraft. Most notably was his 2005 jaunt in GlobalFlyer that made him the first pilot to fly solo, nonstop around the world without refueling. He became the first person to fly a balloon solo around the world in 2002 and soared to 50,671 feet in a glider over Argentina in 2006.

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