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Retain necessary approaches, AOPA tells FAA

It makes sense for the FAA to cancel underused, redundant instrument approach procedures, but not the ones still needed to satisfy general aviation pilots' requirements.

AOPA has submitted comments to the FAA on its proposal to eliminate more than 250 approaches.

AOPA strongly supports the FAA's efforts to transition the National Airspace System to satellite-based navigation and understands the need to eliminate redundant and unnecessary approaches. But after a detailed analysis of the approaches in question, AOPA determined many of the proposed cancellations could hinder GA operations. The association then suggested alternatives to the FAA.

  • Publish ground-based and GPS approaches at three general aviation airports so that they won't lose IFR services and become VFR-only airports
  • Establish a straight-in, standalone GPS approach before eliminating 10 approaches that also remove all IFR GPS access
  • No cancellations should result in a new requirement for GPS or DME to access the airport
  • No cancellations should leave only circling approaches

AOPA members also expressed strong concerns — which the association pointed out to the FAA — about the loss of approaches needed for flight training purposes or for use as a backup when they do not have approach-capable GPS receivers installed.AOPA

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