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LAHSO told to 'hold short'LAHSO told to 'hold short'

LAHSO told to 'hold short'

The FAA has delayed implementing new land and hold short operations (LAHSO). The new procedures were supposed to start May 27, but airline pilots' unions objected. They claimed that general aviation pilots weren't adequately trained to land and stop short of an intersecting runway. The airline pilots said they would refuse a LAHSO instruction from air traffic control if a GA aircraft were also involved.

AOPA's Dennis Roberts, vice president of government and technical affairs, defended GA pilots during a LAHSO summit meeting this week between FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, top industry officials, and the pilot unions. Citing the FAA's own data, AOPA showed that GA pilots are not a safety concern in LAHSO operations. He also noted that GA aircraft are not significant users of large hub airports. Most AOPA members operate aircraft capable of stopping in short distances, much less than 2,500 feet, which is the minimum for a LAHSO runway.

Because of the continued union objections, the FAA has delayed the new LAHSO order indefinitely and reverted to the previous set of land and hold short procedures.


May 26, 2000

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