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Mentor helps student overcome twists and turns of trainingMentor helps student overcome twists and turns of training

Mentor helps student overcome twists and turns of training

By AOPA Communications staff

Life’s twists and turns can make flight training a challenge to complete. And that’s why having a mentor—someone to provide encouragement—makes all the difference in seeing it through to the end.

For Greg Martin, it’s all about perseverance. Like a lot of flight students, he wasn’t completely comfortable with his instructor, so he found a new one.

“If you’re not connecting with your instructor, then you need to find another,” said Martin, who won an AOPA flight training scholarship in 2007.

He did find another and will be ready to solo in the next few weeks. Flying three days a week, he’s on track to earn his certificate by June.

Martin and his mentor, Larry Clark, attended the annual Sun ’n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida, and had the opportunity to talk with AOPA President Phil Boyer about learning to fly.

“Phil told me to keep going, and to find people who can encourage me and keep me going,” said Martin.

“It’s been fun and rewarding,” said Clark about his student pilot. “Life got in the way and he had to stop (for a while). But I told him that’s okay and we won’t give up. That’s something mentors can really help with.”

Martin, who works in medical sales, plans to fly to his customers and vacation with family after he earns his private certificate.

If someone you know is interested in learning to fly, sign them up for AOPA Project Pilot. They’ll receive a complete welcome kit that will help them get started with flight training.

April 24, 2008

AOPA Communications staff

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