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AOPA asks presidential candidates: Where do you stand on GA?AOPA asks presidential candidates: Where do you stand on GA?

With the Democratic and Republican national conventions just around the corner, the likely presidential nominees from both parties are making clear their political positions.

But little has been said about Barack Obama and John McCain’s stance on general aviation. So, AOPA has sent each candidate a questionnaire regarding issues important to GA.

“With all of the excitement surrounding the presidential election, AOPA members have been asking me, ‘Who should I vote for president?’” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “Rather than endorsing a candidate, we’ve asked the campaigns where they stand on GA. We’ll publish the answers in the November 2008 AOPA Pilot.

Questions touched on FAA funding, air traffic control, GA security, and the environment.

AOPA has also asked about the candidates’ personal experience with GA.

Obama has used GA to travel, and McCain’s wife Cindy is a pilot. According to media reports, Cindy learned to fly in order to overcome her fear of flying.

AOPA did the same thing during the 2004 campaign with President Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

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