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ADIZ training rule angers and confuses membersADIZ training rule angers and confuses members

AOPA members are both angry and confused about the new ADIZ training rule. The new rule applies to any pilot flying VFR within 60 nautical miles of the Washington, D.C., (DCA) VOR/DME, even though they may not intend to fly into the Air Defense Identification Zone itself. Pilots must complete the FAA’s “special awareness training” by Feb. 9, 2009, if they will be flying anywhere near Baltimore or Washington. “Our members are telling us that it makes no sense to mandate training for pilots who’ll never fly in the ADIZ. And they can’t see the logic of forcing pilots who are already flying in the ADIZ or have been cleared for the Flight Restricted Zone to take a course to teach them what they already know,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA executive vice president of government affairs. Read more on AOPA Online.

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