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GA emissions nearly imperceptible, AOPA tells EPAGA emissions nearly imperceptible, AOPA tells EPA

EPA reportAOPA filed formal comments in response to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notice concerning greenhouse gas emissions, pointing out that piston powered aircraft account for approximately one-tenth of 1 percent of total emissions. AOPA added that the figure could fall further as technological changes make GA increasingly environmentally friendly.

“General aviation greenhouse gas emissions pale in comparison to other transportation sources,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA executive vice president of government affairs. “The EPA should carefully consider aviation safety and the cost to comply before initiating any future rulemaking on such a small greenhouse gas emitter.”

In its formal comments, AOPA told the EPA that imposing new regulations, equipment requirements, or operational changes on general aviation would be difficult to justify since GA is not a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The EPA’s advance notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) followed a Supreme Court ruling that compels the agency to regulate greenhouse gases. The advance NPRM describes current sources of greenhouse gases emissions, including aviation.

AOPA’s involvement in this issue is critical. While the EPA notice will not cause any immediate changes to general aviation aircraft or operations, the issue of emissions is expected to be an area of interest for the new congress.

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