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Don't get caught by treacherous terrainDon't get caught by treacherous terrain

Mountain FlyingWhen it comes to traveling for the holidays, there’s no better means than GA. You get to avoid long car rides and security lines, and you can set your own schedule. But if your holiday flying takes you along routes you rarely travel—especially through the mountains—be sure you’ve done your homework before taking off.

Mountain flying offers special joys, like breathtaking scenery, but narrow passes, high elevations, and unpredictable weather can leave you little margin for error.

Before taking off, brush up on your mountain flying with the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s Mountain Flying interactive course and the AOPA Pilot Information Center’s online guide to mountain flying, where you’ll find links to informational articles, weather lessons, and accident reports. You’ll even find a table of suggested routes through the mountains of the West, organized by direction of travel.

Need more guidance? Get help from the experts in AOPA’s Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA.

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