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Make family flying funMake family flying fun

Family flyingWhen you’re traveling by general aviation for the holidays, you probably aren’t making the trip alone. Carrying children and relatives along can add a whole new dimension to your flight.

To make sure it goes smoothly, you’ll want to prepare yourself and your passengers. Tell those who haven’t flown with you before what to expect. And make sure your safety briefing is informative, not frightening. You’ll also want to set a few simple ground rules to minimize distractions during critical phases of flight.

Don’t forget the little things, like good cockpit organization. If you’re accustomed to flying solo and using the front passenger seat as a flight desk, you’ll need somewhere else to stow your gear, and you may need to enlist that front passenger to assist with simple tasks, like handing you charts.

For more tips on flying with family, see the online subject report or call the experts in AOPA’s Pilot Information Center at 800/USA-AOPA.

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