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MAP for GPS approach at Frederick lands you in D.C. ADIZMAP for GPS approach at Frederick lands you in D.C. ADIZ

MAP for GPS approach at Frederick lands you in D.C. ADIZ

By AOPA ePublishing staff

Planning to practice some instrument approaches at Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, Md.? Be aware that a waypoint on the missed approach procedure (MAP) for the Runway 23 RNAV (GPS) Z instrument approach procedure lies within the Washington, D.C., Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

When the ADIZ changed from its “Mickey Mouse” shape to a smaller 30-nautical-mile radius in August 2007, it actually moved closer to Frederick Municipal, enveloping the waypoint (the FEDIT intersection). However, the ADIZ is not charted on the IAP chart.

At least two AOPA members conducting VFR practices approaches on the RNAV (GPS) Z have violated the ADIZ. Even though the airspace isn’t depicted, the FAA will pursue these violations.

AOPA has contacted the FAA’s National Flight Procedures Office, requesting that the ADIZ immediately be charted on all affected IAP charts. The association is looking at IAP charts for airports near the ADIZ to alert the FAA to other charts not depicting the airspace.

“An ADIZ violation isn’t something any pilot wants on his or her record, especially those with hopes of a career in aviation,” said Heidi Williams. “We’re doing our part to get the ADIZ depicted on the affected charts, but pilots conducting VFR practice approaches must keep a sectional on hand and know where they are in relation to the ADIZ at all times. If in doubt, you can always talk to ATC.”

AOPA is also working with the FAA to fix the “trap” by having the waypoint moved outside the ADIZ.

Pilots who fly near the ADIZ should also complete the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s online course, Know Before Your Go: Navigating Today’s Airspace . It has been enhanced to include an optional track that focuses on the D.C. ADIZ.

February 21, 2008

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