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Seminar helps pilots break dangerous cycleSeminar helps pilots break dangerous cycle

Seminar helps pilots break dangerous cycle

By AOPA ePublishing staff

Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, when it comes to flying, most pilots seem to make the same mistakes and make them repeatedly.

Fortunately, thousands of pilots want to break that cycle, so it’s no wonder the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s seminar “Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make” has been setting attendance records. A Feb. 20 presentation in Portland, Ore., drew an audience of 530 pilots.

“General aviation pilots want to be safe,” said Mark Grady, who presents an average of six seminars each month at locations around the country for the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. “I see it more and more. Pilots don’t want to make human errors because they know that it not only puts them at risk, but it also can contribute to the threats to our freedom to fly.”

“Top 5 Mistakes Pilots Make” helps pilots understand and avoid general aviation’s biggest killers. This record-breaking seminar is being presented free of charge at dozens of locations across the United States; to find out when it will be coming to your home town, visit the Web site.

February 27, 2008

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