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Pilots urged to comment on White Elk MOAPilots urged to comment on White Elk MOA

Pilots urged to comment on White Elk MOA

By AOPA ePublishing staff

AOPA has submitted its comments opposing the planned White Elk MOA (military operations area), which would expand the Utah Test and Training Area west into Nevada, and is reminding local pilots to make their concerns known before the Jan. 7 deadline.

In its comments, AOPA reminded the Air Force that airspace—including Victor airways that would be adversely affected by new restrictions—must be included in the planned environmental impact study for the new MOA. Specifically, AOPA is concerned that the proposed MOA would have a negative impact on Victor 269, which runs north and south through the area.

The Air Force plans to use chaff and flares within the MOA, which would extend from 14,000 feet msl (about 5,000 feet agl) up to 18,000 feet msl. [ See a graphical depiction.]

Local pilots have until Jan 7 to review the Air Force’s letter of intent to perform an environmental impact study and comment on items they believe should be included in that study, such as the impact on general aviation. Comments should be submitted to Ms. Sheryl Parker, HQ ACC/A7PP, 129 Andrews St., Suite 102, Langley AFB, VA 23665-2769.

This is the first of many opportunities for local pilots to get involved in shaping the airspace that will affect them. Once the environmental study is complete, likely early summer, the Air Force will hold a series of meetings to solicit public comment. In addition, the FAA will conduct an aeronautical study and pilots will have the opportunity to comment on that process as well. Look for notification of future opportunities to file comments in upcoming issues of the ePilot newsletter.

January 3, 2008

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