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Experienced pilots praise IFR Chart ChallengeExperienced pilots praise IFR Chart Challenge

When you’ve got 10,000 hours of flying and 26 years experience, you’ve probably forgotten more than most pilots will ever know. In fact that’s just what one high-time professional pilot discovered when he took AOPA’s IFR Chart Challenge minicourses.

“I just completed all three of the IFR Chart Challenges, they were very good. I [was] amazed at what I don’t know or have forgotten,” wrote Todd Tobiason, the safety officer and a line pilot for a company with six corporate aircraft. “I hope you will keep the minicourses coming.”

Tobiason was so impressed with what he learned that he promised to pass the courses along to the other six pilots in his company.

Think you know it all when it comes to IFR charts? Find out. Take the AOPA Air Safety Foundation’s free ILS, RNAV, and VOR approach minicourses today.

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