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Boyer experiences European GA first-handBoyer experiences European GA first-hand

Boyer experiences European GA first-hand

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AOPA President Phil Boyer and Lovat Fraser

During his participation in the week-long IAOPA 20th World Assembly, AOPA President Phil Boyer traveled to Fife, Scotland, to better understand the conditions faced by many in Europe for aircraft rental and instruction. Cessna 150s rent for almost $155 an hour for primary training. Boyer also had the rare opportunity to fly G-ANRF, a 1941 Tiger Moth. David Syster (in the rear seat) flew this aircraft to Australia in 1978—an historic 32-hour trip. The aircraft had original equipment, no extra fuel tanks, and no GPS. The weather for Boyer's flight was almost IFR (moderate rain, low ceilings, and limited visibility), allowing for just a short trip around the pattern and one aerobatic loop before returning to the grass strip for landing in a 20-knot direct crosswind.

IAOPA delegates from 22 countries were treated to a "high tea" at Tayside Aviation, arranged by the Managing Director Lovat Fraser. Tayside operates three Aeroclubs at Fife, Perth, and Dundee, Scotland, and has a contract for initial training for Royal Air Force cadets, in addition to flight training and aircraft rental for the general public.

The International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) is the international umbrella group of 54 AOPA organizations worldwide. Leading worldwide user input on national and regional issues affecting general aviation flying worldwide, IAOPA is the official representative for general aviation before the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an arm of the United Nations.


September 27, 2000

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